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Don't own anything.  Just borrowing Alex and Olivia.

Thought of this story because it was too hot  and the illegal fireworks were keeping me up.

Happy New Year! Smut.

      Olivia's shirt had come off some time during the night.  She was dead tired and the heat in the apartment didn't help any.  Alex had woken up at 2 am to see Olivia Benson in only boy briefs. Sweat glistened on Olivia's tanned skin.  Alex smiled as she touched Olivia's areola with the tip of her finger.  She like how the skin around Olivia's nipple felt soft right before it got bumpy.  As her fingers softly circled Olivia's nipples,  Olivia shifted.  Alex began to massage Olivia's breasts.  A moan escaped from Olivia's lips.  Alex bent down to kiss kiss Olivia's left breast while massaging the right.  She licked the nipple and started to suck.  Olivia's body responding to Alex, arched her chest towards Alex's mouth.  Alex's hands made their way down Olivia's tight abs and her  left hand disappeared into Olivia's briefs.  Alex's smile turned into a grin.  Olivia was dripping wet.  

          Olivia was dreaming that Alex was making love to her.  Her brain didn't want the dream to stop.  The heat in her underwear was even more unbearable than her shirt.  Olivia took them off, startling Alex.

       "I can't believe you're still asleep," Alex whispered in Olivia's ear.  "I know how to wake you up."

        Alex spread Olivia's legs and inhaled her scent.  If only she could figure out a way to bottle Olivia's scent.  Alex licked around Olivia's clit and plunged her tongue into her.  Alex could feel Olivia orgasm and replaced her tongue with her fingers.Olivia's hips rose above the mattress to meet Alex's motion.

        "Are we awake now sweetie?" Alex asked.
        "Alex, what..."

        Olivia had never woken up to a more glorious sight.  Alex Cabot was between her legs looking up at her with a grin.
        "Please Olivia.... I need you to fuck me," Alex said.  "You made me so wet."

         Olivia didn't need to be told twice.  She  got up, pushed her girlfriend down on the bed  and kissed her.  Olivia stopped.

        "Why are you stopping?" Alex shrieked. 

        "Why do you have all your clothes on and I'm naked?"  Olivia asked crossing her arms over her exposed breasts.

       "You took off your own clothes."  Olivia arched her eyebrows.  "Seriously!  You ..."

        Olivia couldn't make Alex wait any longer.  She helped Alex discard her clothes and resumed kissing her.
         "Olivia,"  Alex said as Olivia teased Alex's clit with her hand and sucked her breasts.
         "Was I this wet when you tried to wake me up?"
        Alex couldn't answer.  Olivia know Alex couldn't take much more teasing and inserted her fingers.  Alex cried out in pleasure. 
Alex looked up at Olivia and smiled.  "I love you."
        "I love you too."

Who's the Boss/ SUV Crossover

Don't own any thing. Just borrowing Alex Cabot and Angela Bower.
What if Alex went to school with Sam and had a major crush on Angela Bower?
Smut warning.

SVU/ Who’s the Boss Crossover

Alex Cabot and Angela Bower

Like the Kid Rock song says, “It was 1989, my thoughts were short my hair was long…”

Alex Cabot was home from college. She went to visit her friend from high school, Samantha Micelli, in Connecticut. Angela Bower, the president of an advertising company answered the door. Her male housekeeper, Tony Micelli went out for the day to spend time with Samantha. Alex knew Sam would be out for the day. She wanted to see Angela.

“Alex, is that you? Welcome home,” Angela says, pulling Alex into a bear hug. “Sam said you were stopping by. You look so beautiful.” Alex blushes. “You must be a heart breaker at Harvard. I heard from Jonathan you and Trevor broke up after prom.”
“We weren’t really going out. We aren’t compatible.”
“So how’s school? Being away from home for the first time. You don’t look like you gained the freshman 15. Back in my day, I gained the freshman 25.’
“School’s okay.”
“Any cute boys?”
Alex looks at her strangely.
“Oh right, I mean, men on campus?”
“I don’t really notice Mrs. Bower.”
“Please Alex, call me Angela. How long have you known me.”

Alex always crushed on Angela but she kept it to herself. Sam, Marci and the rest of her friends were trying to score guys, but Alex stayed in the background. Watching Angela Bower was her pastime when she was invited to sleep over . Not in a stalker sort of way, just in a love sick puppy dog sort of way. Angela looked so cute with her large 80’s shoulder padded pant suits. As Angela was rambling on about college life, all Alex could think about was pushing her up against the wall and kissing her.
Alex had to pretend Trevor Langon was her boyfriend all through high school. It was Jonathan Bower’s idea so they could both hide in plain sight. Trevor was going out with him and it was unacceptable in their social circles. Jonathan and Trevor would disappear to do guy stuff and Alex would hang out in the Bower household. Mona always cracked her up.
Alex’s bangs fell from her behind her ear and into her eyes. Angela innocently brushed her bangs out of her eyes. ‘This is my chance,’ Alex thought. Angela’s fingers were cool on her face. Alex leaned in and kissed her. At first Angela was in shock. A very beautiful, very 18 year old blonde was sitting on her couch and kissing her. This did not normally happen to Angela Bower. She was the fat girl that no one notices at the dance, unless they want to make fun of her. Alex’s lips were soft. Angela froze. Alex pulled away.
“I’m sorry! I, I don’t know what came over me. You were just so hot and I…”
Angela Bower, the uptight, geeky, stick in the mud, as her mother called her, leaned in and shut Alex up with another kiss. This time it was Alex who was surprised. Angela cupped Alex’s face with her hands. The kiss was nice and slow. They pulled apart and looked into each other’s eyes.
‘Do you want this,’ Alex’s eyes were pleading.
Angela smiled and nodded. Angela got off the couch and held her hand out. Alex accepted and was led to Angela’s office.
“Not to be difficult, but don’t you have a king size bed in the house?”
“You’re very presumptive.”
“I’ve seen your room.”
“Well then you also know that Mother’s room above the garage looks directly into mine. She has floor to ceiling windows.”
“Yeah, she use to joke that nothing exciting goes on in there…I’ll shut up now.”
“Yes, I think you should”

Angela moaned into Alex’s mouth as they pressed their bodies together. Alex took control. She had never had sex with anyone before, but she fantasized about what she wanted to do to Angela Bower since sophomore year.
She pushed Angela onto the her desk and started a trail of kisses down her neck.
“I’ve always wanted you,” Alex whispered in Angela’s ear. No one had ever said that to Angela. She was in a state of arousal and shock. Alex unbuttoned Angela’s Gucci jacket and let it fall to the floor. She cupped Angela’s breasts through the silk blouse, massaging them. Alex took Angela’s shirt and bra off and they joined the jacket on the floor. Alex flicked Angela’s left breast and mumbled, “You are so soft.” Angela couldn’t speak. She tried to stifle a moan as Alex gently bit her right nipple and pinched the left the between her fingers. Her right hand wandered down Angela’s pants. Alex got down on her knees. “Take it off,” she commanded. Angela complied as fast as she could. Alex smirked. A natural blonde. Angela saw Alex staring at her and her whole body seemed to blush. Angela sat back down on the edge of her desk. Alex parted Angela’s thighs and kissed down her inner thighs. She made her way oh so close to Angela’s heat, but pulled back just before she and started down the other leg. She could see Angela was slick with desire. Alex licked the length of Angela’s sex. Angela whimpered.
“Alex…” Angela groaned. “Please…”
“Please what Angela?” Alex asked innocently, looking up at her.
“Please don’t tease me anymore. I need you. Touch me...Fuck...”
Alex used her thumb to draw circles around Angela’s hooded clit, careful not to directly touch the bundle of nerves. Alex waited for four years to have her way with her crush. She still wanted to play. Her middle finger dipped into Angela for a moment.
"Mmmm,"was all Angela could get out.
"Not yet, " Alex said as she pulled her finger out and lubricated Angela's clit her juice. Alex stuck two fingers in this time and started to suck on the clit. Angela's walls engulfed her fingers, she was so swollen. Alex pumped her fingers in and out. Angela was so close, she didn't know how much she could take. Angela's chest heaved up and down in time with Alex's thrusts. Angela screamed, "ALEX!" Angela was never a screamer. When it came to sex she just laid back and if she closed her eyes it was usually over soon. But with this girl, it was different. Alex had made her body feel alive for the first time in a long time.

What Angela and Alex didn't know was that Mona had come home early from shopping. She heard her daughter scream and sprinted to Angela's office from the kitchen. She opened the door and stood there watching them for a moment. It was as if she was in a bad porno. Her uptight daughter was naked on her desk, while a girl who was obviously way of Angela's league, was between her legs fucking her. Mona closed the door and smiled. It was about time Angela explored her sapphic side. Now if only Jonathan and Trevor came out. Tony would have a fit.

Alex Olivia Phone Sex challenge

My first smut fic and challenge. I don't own anything.

Serena and Casey had gone to Vegas for a girls’ weekend. They collected those XXX business cards that were passed out by the Mexicans on the sidewalk on the Strip.
“Seriously? Who would call these things? ‘Two girls in your room in 20 minutes.’ God. It’s so tacky!”
“Casey, we’re in Vegas. Everything is tacky. Ooh look this one is for phone sex.”
“You don’t get enough from me you need to call a girl for phone sex?”
“Not for me. For Olivia. As a joke.”
“We don’t know that she’s…”
Serena stared at her girlfriend.
“Trust me she is.”
“Okay, but you give her the card. She scares me sometimes and I don’t think she likes me.”

Olivia Benson was having a crappy day. She stepped on shit during her morning run. The patrol officer who called SVU into a crime scene puked on her and Munch made the coffee. She was due in court, when Serena bumped into her at the court house.
The blond smiled sweetly at Olivia. “Here, a gift from Casey and me.”
“What is this?” Olivia asked looking at the business card with a naked woman with stars on her boobs to cover her nipples.
“A present from Vegas.”
“Gee, thanks,” Olivia said drily.
“Come on Olivia. You haven’t gotten laid in months. You’re beginning to scare Casey.”
“Everything scares Casey. Especially good taste in clothes.”
“Hey, watch it. That’s my girlfriend you’re talking about.”
“Fine. Whatever,” Olivia said, tucking the card into her jeans pocket. ‘Great, even the ADAs are worried about my sex life.’

Olivia sat on her couch with Chinese take out. The television flickered and poofed off.
“NOOOOO! Stupid tv the rerun of 30 Rock is tonight. Gretchen is on!” Olivia grumbled. 9 PM was too early to go to sleep. Her eyes glanced upon the picture of Alex she had on her end table.
“Alex,” Olivia whispered. “I miss you so much.” Olivia thought about Alex’s blue eyes and her skirt that would ride up ever so slowly when she sat on the edge of Olivia’s desk at the precinct. Olivia took out the card Serena had given her. She took out her cell phone and dialed the number.

The woman formally known as Alexandra Cabot listened on her cell phone as the man on the line moaned. She had spent five minutes calling him every bad thing she could think of in her prosecutor’s voice. She missed being ADA Alex Cabot, the ice princess. Living in Wisconsin was wearing unflattering knit sweaters was wearing thin on her. Scratch that. It made her look fat. Alex had surfed the net on her freet ime and came across a want ad for phone sex operators. Bored out of her mind from being indoors all the time she wanted someone to talk to., anyone would do. So she got a disposable cell phone and started her nightly sex chats. She didn’t have to say much of anything. She usually listened to the guys ,who were probably as lonely as she was talk about se. A few moans here and there from her and it was on to the next voice. Every so often she got to use her prosecutor voice. That made her happy. Those were the ones she liked. She closed her eyes as she pictured Olivia’s grin as she verbally gave it to the perp on the witness stand. She missed Olivia. ‘Oh thank god,’ Alex thought as the man hung up. She was just about to turn on the tv, when her sex phone rang. This was the last call of the night.
“Hello,” Alex said in a low voice.
“I, ah…”
Ooh. A woman. Alex rarely got calls from female callers.
“Is this your first time?” Alex asked sultrily.
“Yeah. I just missed my … girlfriend…someone gave me this card and…”
“Just relax and get comfortable. I want you to just listen to my voice. If you feel uncomfortable you can hang up.”
Olivia smiled. This woman on the phone seemed nice, familiar somehow.
“I want you to massage your neck and shoulders. Think of your girlfriend’s hands on your body…” Olivia did as told. She pictured Alex, who technically wasn’t her girlfriend, but screw it, this was her fantasy. ‘Why didn’t I just ask her out?’ she chastised herself. Olivia had seen the want in Alex’s eyes every time they fought over a case. ‘I love her so much. Whoa, where’d that come from?’ She was lying to herself all this time. She, Olivia Benson did love Alex Cabot. Longing looks across a court room just wasn’t cutting it, when fate stepped in and too Alex from her.
The voice on the phone pulled her into the present. It was soothing. Her mind was playing tricks with her. She could actually hear Alex speaking. Telling her where to put her hands. Olivia’s nipples were hard with anticipation. She never called a sex line before or had phone sex with any of her former girlfriends. It was new and strange, a bit embarrassing and exciting all at the same time.
“Pinch your nipples. Make them hard for me. Slowly bring your hands down your torso. Take off your pants and leave your panties on. I want you to rub yourself over the fabric. Make yourself wet…”
Olivia’s heart was beating faster. She could swear the woman on the phone could hear her.
“Tell me how wet you are…”
“I’m so wet…”
“Move the fabric to the side and continue to take your time and rub around your clit. Don’t directly touch your clit, or I’ll know.”
Olivia’s breathing hitched.
“Don’t worry, I’ll give you the release you want. You just have to work for it.”
Alex smirked. The breathing from the other woman was turning her on. She could feel her breathing. “Take your panties off. I want you to fuck yourself slowly with your middle finger. In and out deeper each time you go in and out. Do you feel your swollen walls engulfing your finger?”
A muffled yes came out.
“Take your finger out and lick it. Tell me what you taste like.”

“I’ll let you come, but I want to taste you first. What do you taste like?”
“Salty, honey dew melons.”
“That’s a good girl… Put your finger back in your pussy, this time add your index finger. Use your other hand to rub your clit.”
Olivia was writhing with pleasure. She didn’t have to be told twice. Everything Alex was telling the woman on the phone to do, she was doing to herself. Alex didn’t know what had gotten into her. She usually just faked it on the phone.
“I want you to come for me.”
They came together. Screaming.
Coming down from her high, Olivia’s mind was reeling and her pussy was pulsating. “How’d, how did you know my name?”
“Huh?” Alex was still in a blissful state.
“You said ‘Olivia.’ How did you know my name? I never told you my name.”
“I…She’s just a woman I use to know…” Alex’s mind played back the last few minutes. “You called out Alex.” Alex started at the wall. “Olivia,” she whispered. “Is that you? Olivia Benson?”
Olivia blinked back tears. “Alex. How… why…” She tried to formulate complete sentences, but unable to.
“I was lonely. I need to hear other people’s voices. Wait. Why are you calling a sex line?”
“Serena and Casey went to Vegas. They gave me those business cards as a joke. The tv went out. It was Gretchen night on 30 Rock, stepped on shit, got puked on, I was horny and I missed you.” Olivia got out in one breath.
“I though you missed your girlfriend,” Alex said her heart dropping at the thought of Olivia having a girlfriend.
“I … I thought of you as my girlfriend,” Olivia mumbled.
Alex smiled. “Liv, you get charged by the minute on this phone. Let me call you back on a secure line.”
“Wait. Alex. They don’t record calls for quality assurance do they?”
“No, they don’t. Why?
“This is the best phone conversation I’ve ever had.”

Olivia's Mustang

I don't own any of the characters. All the mistakes are mine.

"Alex, I want to take you out...No. That's not right. Hey, Alex wanna go out tonight? Agh!"

"Um, Alex?" Olivia's cheeks were turning red.
"Did you want to take me out on a date?" Alex smirked, crossing her arms.
"I, ah." Olivia hung her head down. "You heard me practising."
"I think it's cute." Alex kissed Olivia on the cheek. "Where did you want to go?"
"It's a surprise. I'll pick you up at seven."
"Ok." Their eye's locked, and they both smiled.
"I'll let you get back to work," Olivia said walking out of Alex's office.

"Miss Cabot? Detective Benson is here," the doorman said to Alex, snapping her out of her Olivia Benson daydream.
"Thank you Charlie."
"Have a nice night, miss."
Olivia took Alex's hand.
"I need you to close your eyes."
"What? Why? You're not going to spray me with silly string again are you."
"No, just close them counselor."
Alex closed her eyes and let Olivia guide her out to the street.
"Okay, open them."
Alex openned her eyes. In front of here was the second sexiest thing she ever saw in her life, a 1965 black Mustang convertable.
"Oh my god," she exclaimed, gently touching the convertable, "you got it."
"Get in," Olivia said openning the door for her.
"When did you get her?"
"A few weeks ago. I had to work on the engine."
"You know how to fix engines?"
"I took one semester of autoshop in highschool."
Alex's mind began to wander, Olivia working over her car all sweaty and dirty.
"There was this cute guy in the class..."
"I'm just playing. I took the class as an elective."
"But there were cute guys int he class."
"Alex, it was highschool."
"I know, she laughed,"I'm just playing with you. So where are we going?"
"It's a surprise."

They went to Alex's favorite Italian restaurant. After the candle lit dinner Olivia drove them ot a building in Brooklyn. They drove to the top of the parking structure.
Olivia helped Alex out of the car.
"Thank you detective." Alex looked out at the view of Manhattan. "Liv hou'd you know about this place?"
"I have connections."
"The view is spectacular."
"Not as spectacular as you are," Olivia said, leaning in to kiss her. They danced to Olivia's car radio.
"So counselor, ever mad out in the back of a Mustang?"
"No, I haven't. I guess we can cross off number eight of our makeout list."

snow day

"When are you going to call her?"
"Huh?  It's a snow day, Serena.  I want to catch up on Guiding Light. "
"I can't beleive you still watch soaps."
"Only the Olivia and Natalia aka Otalia story line.  And Crystal Chappell is hot!"
"Who's that now?"
"Her," She said pointing at the screen. "Olivia Spencer.   Remeber she was on Days of Our Lives."
"Oh yeah!  You so had a crush on her. Oh my god!  That's why you like Detective Benson!"
"What?!" Alex exclaimed.
"Crystal Chappell, she looks like Olivia Benson.  Stop watching the soaps and get on with your life.  Caller her."
"Fine," she said taking out her cellphone.